CardioFit is a ladies only program. The classes are 45 minutes and involve long, medium and short workouts which differ every day. They make use of equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, rowers and wallballs. The exercise is not skill based but rather a good old sweat sesh.

UNBXD FITNESS was originally unaffiliated from CrossFit but after coach Michelle qualified for the CrossFit Games she was eager to bring her knowledge to the members. Our CrossFit classes have high energy, all movements can be completely modified for beginners, any fitness level is welcome. We use barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells in a safe, fun and high intensity environment to help you get the most out of your workout.

You are welcome to attend any class, there is no prerequisite in your level of fitness.

Both programs will help you achieve your goals

We offer inbody assessments ( which helps better understand your body composition. With this information we will help guide and tweak your current nutritional regime to suit your lifestyle in order to reach your goals.

Absolutely not, weight training will help you gain muscle which will help you burn more calories. Your diet determines your ultimate body composition. 

We always recommend doing classes, as the community aspect is half the fun, however we do have open gym options. Please see our packages for more information.

CardioFit has 12 people and CrossFit there are 16 per class.

As long as you have medical clearance to train, we are able to assist. We also have a biokineticist on site should you require one on one specific to your injury.

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CardioFit is 45 minutes, CrossFit is 60 minutes.

Yes, contact us directly for more information.

Please contact us directly via whatsapp

Open gym is a time of the day where no classes are running and you are able to come do your own thing in the gym. Please see packages for more information.

We do not have a joining fee.

Unfortunately not at the moment.

CrossFit UNBXD Durbanville

CrossFit UNBXD Durbanville is a CrossFit Affiliated gym (CrossFit UNBXD Durbanville). We apply the CrossFit methodology to our training and coaching. Our number one goal for all our members is health and fitness. We are a 100% all inclusive gym and accept and welcome all walks of life into our doors. If you looking to build physical and mental toughness while having the best hour of your day, look no further.


UNBXD FITNESS Kuilsriver is a Functional Fitness gym. Our number one goal for all our members is health and fitness. We are a 100% all inclusive gym and accept and welcome all walks of life into our doors. If you looking to build physical and mental toughness while having the best hour of your day, look no further.



Meet coach Bianca Hibbert, better known as “B”. Our Head Coach and Co-owner at UNBXD FITNESS Kuilsriver. Coach B has a National diploma in fitness, and has been doing functional training for about 6 years. 3 of which have been at a competitive level partaking in various CrossFit competitions.

She has also taken on cycling and enjoys big cycling races like Wine to Whales.

Coach B’s passion for people truly shines through her work, she always welcomes everyone into her enormous heart, and makes them feel right at home.

She is truly invested in the growth of others and helping them achieve their goals while always ensuring that “jy sal fine wees” feeling.


This is our 45 minute functional fitness class without any technical or high skilled movements like gymnastics and weightlifting.

We still keep the program fun and exciting by including equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, slam balls, cardio machines and boxes.

Our coaches will guide you through a different warm up, workout and “stretchy time” daily.

Open gym

Open gym is available for the following reasons

  • You have the skill and knowledge to follow your own program
  • You have identified weaknesses and would like to put in extra time to perfect various skills
  • Your working hours do not suit the class times
  • You are an addict and want to live at the gym


Please see packages for notes on open gym


Owner and head coach at FitBox Durbanville/CrossFit FBDV Personal Trainer

Michelle has a background in the medical field. She decided to pursue her passion for coaching full time in August 2018. Michelle has numerous sporting achievements in Obstacle course racing, Weightlifting and CrossFit. She has competed internationally for CrossFit and won several local competitions that earned her the title of the Fittest Woman in Cape Town in 2018. She has also competed at theCrossFit games in 2019 and 2022.  Michelle has her CrossFit level 1 certification as well as a diploma in sports and conditioning. She has a keen eye to ensure safe and effective movements. Michelle has a massive passion for helping people and strives to educate individuals on how to become the healthiest versions of themselves. Her hard work and dedication is seen in her coaching and her love for people can be seen in each session.


Head Coach and owner at FitBox CardioFit,
Coach and co- owner at FitBox CardioFit Kuilsriver, Personal Trainer

Simone van Wyk, the brains behind the program. She is most likely our most experienced coach having been around Health and Fitness most of her life. Simone has worked Internationally on Cruise Ships as a Personal Trainer and is qualified in Group Training, Boot Camp Training, Sports Massage and Fitness. She’s a former SA Ice hockey player and has also competed Internationally for CrossFit.

Simone loves to create a positive environment in which people can grow by believing in their potential and their personal sense of worth.
She has a go getter attitude and is extremely passionate about health and getting people moving.

Simone is always smiling, she is very approachable and easy to get along with.

Small but feisty she is definitely a force to be reckoned with, so accept Coach Simone’s challenge and come see what your capable of.


Personal Trainer, CardioFit Coach, CrossFit Coach

Jenna has always been very passionate about sport throughout her life. You will always hear her in the gym with the biggest smile, loudest voice and always willing to be a helping hand or friend. Jenna enjoys seeing others succeed and grow each day in the gym.

 Jenna completed her bachelor degree in sports management in 2014 and has always been very involved in provisional sports by not only coaching but also participating.

Jenna found Crossfit in 2016 and grew attached to it in no time. A few years later she completed her CrossFit level 1 and began coaching in 2021.


Biokineticist, personal trainer, CardioFit Coach and CrossFit Coach

Meet Coach Angi (Angelique) Connoway. She is originally from Namibia and moved to Cape Town in 2022

 Angi has a bachelors degree in Human Movement Science & Psychology, a honours degree in Biokinetics, and a diploma in Sports Nutrition, and has been participating in the sport crossfit for about 7 years.

Coach Angi loves having the ability to teach and educate individuals who want to improve their quality of life through movement and nutrition.


Personal Trainer and CrossFit Coach

Coach Errol has a national diploma in personal training as well as his CrossFit level 1. He was a personal trainer for 7 years at commercial gyms. He realised it’s time for a change. Errol found CrossFit and immediately fell in love with the sport and the community aspect.

Errol is passionate about coaching and helping people within the community, with his main goal being to make sure each member in the class is having the best hour of their day, no matter their level of fitness.

CrossFit is all about the community and creating the best environment for each person walking through the doors.

On the sound of 3,2,1 you will always hear.. HAVE FUN!


CardioFit Coach and CrossFit coach

Charlize started training at FitBox in 2019 and immediately fell in love with it. She has always had a passion for sport and exercise. Charlize received WP colors in hockey and also represented SA in Majorettes. Charlize has a passion for helping people in all aspects of their lives and has found a way to reach people through exercise. She believes anything is possible with hard work and dedication.